Zwanenstraat 2 / Hochterpoort 17. Maastricht

This rented property is located in the heart of the Maastricht city center and within walking distance of the Markt. The building has a total surface area of approximately 575 m².

The building was taken into use by three companies. The current tenants are reputable companies.

The Zwanenstraat is located in the city center just a stone’s throw from the Markt. The immediate surroundings of the Zwanenstraat and the market are home to many stately, monumental buildings, which creates an atmospheric ambience. The accessibility of these office / practice spaces is very good, the railway station, various bus stops and Q-park car parks are within walking distance.

Office Space
Office 1 (Zwanenstraat 2 I) 111 m²
Office 2 (Zwanenstraat 2 II) 255 m²
Office 1 (Hochterpoort 17 I) 184 m²
Office 4 (Hochterpoort 17 II) 25 m²
Total 575 m²

Zwanenstraat 2 I:
Entrance / Waiting room (about 25 m²), two treatment rooms (about 23 m² and 14.5 m²), kitchen / office space (10 m²) with simple furnishings and close-in boiler, exercise room (17,5 m²), spacious hallway with meter cupboard and cv – spacious hall with meter cupboard and boiler room (approx. 20 m²)
Total usable area: approx. 111 m²

Zwanenstraat 2 II:
The office area of ​​255 m² is offered for rent and can also be rented in units from 25 m² to 70 m².
Entrance / reception room with reception desk, office space (6,30×2,86m), kitchen with simple furnishings and close-in boiler (2,12×4,10m), meeting room (4,80×4,35m), corridor (13,30×2,60), toilet group (2.34×3.45m), 2 x office space (5.25×4.20) (5.35×3.60m), free space (13.08×5.35m).
Total usable area: approx. 255 m².

Hochterpoort 17 I:
Entrance / reception desk, treatment room, office space, beauty salon room, canteen, common room with, among others, three shower rooms and dressing rooms, large treatment room, kitchen, toilet group, cf. space (Vaillant 2011)
total usable area: approx. 184 m².

Hochterpoort 17 II:
Entrance / reception room, treatment room.
Total usable area: approx. 25 m²