Wycker Brugstraat 58. Maastricht

This characteristic retail property and residential object for 6 student rooms is located on the historic Sint Servaas bridge, the most important entrance from Wyck to the center of Maastricht. The immediate proximity of the city center makes this location an excellent shopping / residential location.

Moreover, Wyck is the ‘upcoming’ district of Maastricht, with its charming streets, trendy hotels, authentic shops and lively catering businesses. Within Wyck, the approximately 500-meter-long Wycker Brugstraat forms the most important connection between Maastricht Central Station and Sint Servaasbrug.

Current situation
The object consists of a retail space with warehouses (ground floor) and a non-detached apartment (3 floors plus attic). The building is accessible on both sides: the shop entrance is located at Wycker Brugstraat 58 and the back entrance is a living object for 6 student rooms at Wycker Heidenstraat.

The Art Deco façade has a front width of almost 4 meters and has been designated as a municipal monument.

The total ground floor occupies an area of ​​approximately 110 m².
The residential object for 6 student rooms has an area of ​​approximately 160 m², including a communal kitchen and 3 bathrooms (on the ground floor space is provided for a bicycle / garbage storage).