What will change in the housing market in 2020?


A new year often means that changes are taking place. Do you have a house for sale or a rental property? Then read here what will change in the housing market in 2020 and whether this applies to you.

The mortgage interest deduction is going down

For people with an income above € 68,507, the mortgage interest deduction has decreased, from 49% to 46%. If you have a lower income, this change does not affect your deductible items.

Maximum income limits in the housing allowance expire

In 2020, the maximum income limits for housing allowance will expire, which means that the housing allowance will gradually be phased out over a longer income trajectory if income increases. How high your income may be depends on several factors: the rent, your age and the composition of your household.

Rent increase

From 1 July 2020, the rent for your house may be increased by a maximum of 5.1% to 6.6%. This increase depends on the income in 2018 and only applies to social rental housing. Are you renting a property in the free sector? Then there is no maximum rent increase.

Rental liberalization limit

The rent liberalization limit is set in 2020 at € 737.14. This limit determines whether you live in a social rental home or in a home in the free sector.

National Mortgage Guarantee

Do you want to buy a house with National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG)? In 2020 € 310,000 is the NHG limit. When you invest in energy-saving facilities, the NHG cost limit rises to a maximum of € 328,600.

Energy tax

The energy tax changed on 1 January 2020. This means that on average a household will pay € 100 less tax. The tax on natural gas is gradually increasing and the tax on electricity is going down.

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