Substantial decline, but also a slight attraction
If we look at the number of visits, searches and contact requests, we see that the measures announced by the cabinet on Thursday 12 March have caused a downward trend. This decline is intensifying after additional measures – including the closure of schools – announced on March 15. The number of visits to funda in business fell by more than 30% from 16 to 22 March compared to regular weeks in 2020. As of last Monday, it seems that the first shock has been overcome and the visit is picking up again slightly by 7% visit early last week.

Percentually, the largest decrease in the number of visitors can be observed in Amsterdam

If we zoom in on the number of searches and contact requests, we see larger decreases. Despite the fact that the number of searches last week (16 to 22 March) decreased 40% compared to regular weeks in 2020, funda in business looked for no less than 135,000 times for suitable business space. In the same week, we also saw the number of contact requests drop by 55%.

If we make a distinction between North Brabant, where the measures were taken earlier, and the rest of the Netherlands, we see no major differences in visitor behavior there. Percentually, the largest decrease can be observed in Amsterdam. Last week there was a 40% reduction in funda in business from the capital.

The number of registered objects decreased slightly on funda in business: 12%. We expect the effects of the announced measures to be delayed in this area.

Free workshops online

Especially in this time of fewer visitors, it is important that your objects are well presented on funda in business. In the coming period we will offer you additional help with interesting articles to improve the presentations of your objects. Do you want more insights? The funda in business account managers give free workshops online in which you get tips for getting more out of funda in business. These workshops are tailor-made for your office and are suitable for both business brokers and commercial assistants. In the workshop you will learn how to generate as many leads as possible for your objects, how to get an object as high as possible in a searcher’s results list, but also what seekers pay attention to. The workshops can be followed from home, if you want with your entire office. For more information, please contact

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