Average purchase price 302,000 euros, the North region is leading the rise in the number of transactions


The average purchase price in the Netherlands in the first half of 2019 amounted to € 302,000, again a record and 7.3% more than last year in this period. In the first half of 2019, the Land Registry registered 99,940 residential transactions, 4.8% less than last year in this period. This is apparent from an analysis of Woningmarktummers.nl.

Compared to the peak year of 2008, the average purchase price has risen by 14.5%, compared to the low point in 2013 even 41.5%. The number of months required to sell the entire housing supply is currently more than 4 months. The reason for these developments is the low mortgage interest rate. Consumer confidence has also increased in recent months.

The most expensive and cheapest regions

In the most expensive regions, Amsterdam and South-Kennemerland, on average more than € 470,000 must be placed on the table for a home. Gooi en Vechtstreek is a fraction cheaper with € 455,000.
The cheapest regions are Groningen-Oost, Noord and Centraal and Parkstad Limburg. In these regions, buyers pay on average less than € 200,000.

Purchase price increases most sharply on the Wadden and in Venlo

The largest purchase increase (25%) occurs on the Wadden, but this cannot be given too much value in view of the limited number of transactions. This is followed by the Venlo region with an increase of 15%. There is only one region with a purchase price decrease of 1.7%, namely the Northwest Overijssel region.

Many properties sold in Groningen

In 20 regions, more homes are sold in the first half of the year than last year in this period. The Noord (Groningen) region is the biggest climber with a plus of almost 14%. Other regions in Groningen (East and Central) are also doing remarkably well.
The largest downturns in transaction development are the Venray and Netwerkstad ZwolleKampen regions. More than 16% fewer transactions are registered here.